Trained Shot : Shooting Training

TRAINED SHOT is the best SHOOTING RANGE EXPERIENCE GAME for challenge players worldwide.

Do you want to become the Range Master Shooter? Choose your weapon, aim and shoot your target! This game contains Fun for everyone, easy control for everyone on mobile, difficult to master but only experience shooter can. Welcome to your basic and latest shooting training Game Academy. Your training will guide you through the basic steps. There will be different levels for every range.

Good luck.

Choose your dream latest weapon and test your skills of shooting with challenging missions! Try different weapons in specialized different ranges.

Trained Shot Game is the 3D first person shooter game with addictive game play. Here is a best and simple game for range shooting practice for all age’s shooter. It’s a best range shooting practice game. Get ready shooters and enjoy the best update of Real Shooting 3D of 2017 on your device. A person who shoots from a gun or pistol is called shooter. Shooting is very tricky depending on the weapon like pistols, shot guns, sniper rifles, etc. In this realistic first person shooter Trained Shot Game you will go through a shooting experience by completing challenging levels and missions.

Accuracy is an important element in all shooting range games. It is an easy game for playing, you have to just ready your gun, aim the target carefully and hit it. If you want the best first person shooter game, the one and only Game, shows you on google Play Store>>Trained Shot: Bottle Shoot Game Look no further, hurry up, waste no time and play Trained Shot shooting game that will make you a best range shooter! You will have to complete levels and missions that will make you feel like you are in a real shooting range.

Get comfortable with easy to use controls and focus all your attention just on your targets.

Gun shooting range games will give you real shooting experience with addictive game play and realistic weapons and guns. Now with a bottle shooting game! Use your favorite gun to shoot as many bottles as you can. A best range shooter is one who doesn’t miss the fire and shoot in head of his enemy.


  • Different weapons styles: Iron sight and Telescopic.
  • Short and long range rifles
  • Different and Latest weapons.
  • Each weapon has unique features.
  • 12 different sceneries and levels.
  • Different targets.
  • Settings with real graphics and based on best locations.


Enjoy the best quality graphics right on your device. Top quality 3D environments, realistic physics, detailed gun models and special effects are all part of the Trained Shot Game.

There are many targets in this game like:

  1. Bottles as target
  2. Glasses as target
  3. Floating bottles in air as a target.
  4. Swimmer enemies in sea
  5. Hostages in a building
  6. Terrorists in vehicles
  7. Flying shooting boards and many more for shooter fun.

How to Play:

  1. Aim to shoot and shoot to kill
  2. Move left or right using mobile controls
  3. Fire with maximum precision
  4. Destroy all targets within given time


Online Multiplayer Mode! Brand New Shooting Range! Tons of new Weapons!

Download this game on your android device or tablet for free and don’t forget to rate us.