Chopper Attack-Ground Gunner

Welcome to the most intense action with real 3d apache battle.

Chopper Attack Ground Gunner is a free battle game designed for Android Phones and Android Tablets. Full military action game in which soldier operation is to hit the enemies in helicopter which are destroying weapon systems in military bases. Some terrorists groups have captured the several areas in a country military bases and some public area. A killer operation is launched against the terrorist to get back the control of the military base and army camps of country. Chopper Attack Ground Gunner puts you in the gunner seat of the most powerful battle of helicopters. The security SEAMS helpless. The only chance of winning this war is a chopper attack battle is to launch the attack on the most dangerous helicopter before its get too late. The enemy kill crossed into your country and now the fighting is taking place in the military bases of the country and you the only future soldier. Protect your country. You have to win the battle at any cost as the future of the country depends only on you! Losing a battle is not an option for you; you will have to win this battle at any cost. The mission assigned to you is named as "Chopper Attack Ground Gunner".

In this game you will experience with a battle action strategy. You are now an army cobra commando. Missions are held in fixed areas of country like military bases and some public areas where you need to simply complete objectives which involve destroying helicopter of terrorist.

The game’s visuals are immersive. The visual effects like weapon fire, explosions, etc are well with the action as usually happen in battle fighting games. Your main objective in this modern best and top game is you have to shoot and launch missile from your fighter base and destroy the enemy helicopter within the time limit. Do not get yourself killed in this dangerous battle’s.


  1. Different types of Choppers.
  2. Heavy ammunition.
  3. Real 3D graphics.
  4. Real sound effect of firing and battle.
  5. Difficult missions to achieve.
  6. Realistic 3d environment.
  7. Spectacular defense missions.
  8. Variety of weapons and equipment including Rocket Launcher missiles and anti-aircraft guns
  9. Stunning UI and visual effects
  10. Infinite bases and areas to play with hard missions.
  11. Missiles bombs to attack on chopper.

How To Play A Chopper Attack Ground Gunner:

  1. Use your training skills to destroy the enemy helicopter.
  2. Destroy the targeted chopper and complete the level to open next mission.
  3. Use thumb to move around.
  4. Tap the fire button to fire missiles.

chopper Attack - ground gunner